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What do teachers do when students lead?

At Inquiry Hub, we make a big deal about our student-powered projects. Most ideas turn out better in practice when students take the lead and teachers play a different role than in a traditional classroom. The students own the project … Continue reading

15. December 2018 by Laef Kucheran
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How far would you go?

As a tiny little programme of choice, Inquiry Hub still isn’t that well known. So in 2017, students started work on an idea to visit each of SD43 Coquitlam’s fourteen middle schools to promote iHub to the students there, calling … Continue reading

02. December 2018 by Laef Kucheran
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What is Inquiry Hub?

Inquiry Hub (iHub) is designed and developed as a program of choice in School District 43. Students must apply to attend the school. iHub serves about 70 students in grades nine through twelve. It offers a full British Columbia high … Continue reading

29. November 2018 by Laef Kucheran
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