How far would you go?

As a tiny little programme of choice, Inquiry Hub still isn’t that well known. So in 2017, students started work on an idea to visit each of SD43 Coquitlam’s fourteen middle schools to promote iHub to the students there, calling it iHub Roadshow. They organised each and every show, from where and when they were going, to which students were presenting and what on, with teachers serving as chauffeurs. And, just like every event from iHub, students set about writing, filming, and editing original videos to complement the presentations and performances in just the right way.

Two of the videos would appear between presentations to break up the monotony and keep middle schoolers interested. These videos looked at various inquiry projects in two general fields: STEM and Fine Arts. But the first video, the cold open set before the student MC had even introduced the show… that would have to be something special.

Not a single student attends Inquiry Hub by default; they all have to choose us. Given that our programme is so small and remote, and a little bit different from what people are used to, it’s always a bit of a daunting choice for family’s considering us. Any reason, from the distance a student would have to travel, to the friends they’d have to leave behind, to the innovative style of learning could be a barrier to someone who’d be really wonderful at iHub attending.

So, in one minute and eighteen seconds, students asked the question “How far would you go?” How far would you go for the education that’s right for you? For your future, for your passions, for what you’re good at and what you want to have talent in? For dreaming, for creating, for learning?

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02. December 2018 by Laef Kucheran
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